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Solid-State Model Kit

The Solid State Model Kit allows you to build three dimensional models of many common and interesting crystal structures including ionic solids, metals and semiconductors. These models may be examined from many angles to show how atoms or ions are arranged in the crystal lattice. An instruction manual with directions for building over eighty different structures is provided.

Despite their prevalence, extended structures are notoriously difficult to visualize, a problem that has historically limited their inclusion in many introductory science and engineering courses. Two dimensional pictures are at a dimensional disadvantage in capturing the essence of these structures, and software packages lack the tactile component that so directly reveals the spatial relationship of atoms to one another. The objective of the ICE Solid-State Model Kit is to demystify these structures—to make them comprehensible by enabling the user to construct the structures in a layer-by-layer manner that illustrates their structural symmetry. Many of the structures can be built from two complementary geometric perspectives—sitting on the face of a cube and on its body diagonal, for example. And natural cleavage planes possessed by many of the solids are easily located by lifting one sphere and watching others be carried along.

Solid-state Model Kit

The kit includes two bases, metal rods, templates,an assortment of radius-ratio sized spheres, and a 126 page instruction manual.

To order a kit contact the Institute for Chemical Education.

This kit was created by Ludwig A. Mayer (San Jose State University) and George C. Lisensky (Beloit College) who coauthored the instruction manual along with Jill C. Covert (Beloit College)