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Optical Transform Kit

The Optical Transform Kit (Second Edition) allows you to model X-ray diffraction using a visible laser and two-dimensional patterns. An increase in scale by thousands—from the short wavelengths of X-rays to the long wavelengths of visible light; and by hundreds of thousands—from an array of atoms to an array of dots—permits the key features of structural determination experiments to be explored either as a classroom demonstration or as a laboratory experiment. A darkened room, a monochromatic light source, and patterns of arrays are all that you need to simulate the diffraction experiment.

Optical transforms

The kit includes directions, patterns on slides, and overhead transparency masters. A source of visible laser light (such as a laser pointer or HeNe laser) is not included.

To order a kit contact the Institute for Chemical Education. Note that slides may be ordered separately.

This kit was created by George C. Lisensky (Beloit College), Arthur B. Ellis (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Donald R. Neu (University of Wisconsin-Madison).