Materials with the same crystal structure include Ag2F, CaI2, CdI2, CoBr2, CoI2, CoTe2, FeBr2, FeI2, GeI2, HfS2, HfSe2, IrTe2, MgBr2, MgI2, MnBr2, MnI2, NiTe2, PdI2, PdTe2, PtS2, PtSe2, PtTe2, SiTe2, SnS2, SnSe2, a-TaS2, TiBr2, TiCl2, TiI2, TiSe2, TiI2, TiSe2, TiTe2, VBr2, VCl2, VI2, W2C, ZrS2, ZrSe2, and ZrTe2.

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