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An Electrochromic Prussian Blue Nanolayer Pixel

This circuit produces 2.0 volts.

The output voltage is connected to a DPDT switch so Vout alternates between +2.0 V and -2.0 V as the switch is changed.

The input voltage comes from a 9V battery connected by a mini-phone jack (seen at right below).

Parts list from Radio Shack
Project Box, 270-1801
Circuit Board, 276-149
LM317T adjustable voltage regulator, 276-1778
150 ohm, 271-1312
470 ohm, 271-1317 (90 ohm is 470, 470, and 150 ohm in parallel)
DPDT Switch, 275-663
Mini phone jacks, 274-251C

Developed in collaboration with the
University of Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Interdisciplinary Education Group   |   MRSEC on Nanostructured Interfaces
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