About the Authors


 Roman Andrzejewski
Professor of ecology whose field of interest in the theoretic basis of ecology and its use in physical planning and environmental protection. Author of 200 publications. Works in Warsaw Agricultural University. Former first Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection.

 Stanislaw Balazy
Professor of agriculture, participant in the scientific programme dedicated to identifying what influence the intensification of agriculture has on the environment, as well as programmes of reducing non-point pollution in agriculture and landscape shaping studies. Specialist in the domain of protection of forests and field tree plantings. Published about 130 scientific works.

 Marek Baranowski
Director of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw CENTER. Specialist in the field of computer-assisted cartography and Geographical Information Systems. Author of over 50 publications. The head of the National Committee of the International Cartographic Association, deputy president of the Spatial Information Society.

 Andrzej Ciolkosz
Professor of Geography, head of National Remote Sensing Centre OPOLIS at the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, lecturer at Warsaw University. Specialist in the field of aerial and satellite remote sensing. Member of numerous scientific societies.

 Zdzislaw Harabin
Director of the Department of Nature Protection at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry. Author of 40 scientific works mainly on the subject of biorestitution of terrain deformed by industrial activities. Member of the State Council on Nature Protection, Polish Forestry Society and Polish Soil-Science Society.

 Jan Jagielak
Professor of environmental engineering, deputy director of the Central Laboratory of Radiological Protection (CLOR). Specialist in the domain of measuring ionising radiation and radiological protection.

 Antoni S. Kleczkowski
Professor of hydrology, specialist a twater economy, engineering and mining geology, history of geology and mining. Author of over 300 publications. Member of numerous scientific societies.

 Maciej Nowicki
Professor of environmental engineering, the Chairman of the Ecofund. Specialist in the domain of atmosphere protection, author of over 100 scientific publications, among them a number of university textbooks. Member of numerous scientific societies, advisor of the Prime Minister for ecology. Former Minister of Environmental Protection.

 Anna Olecka
Employed in the Centre of Climate Protection at the Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw. Prepares estimates of the future scenarios of climatic changes in Poland on the basis of models of global circulation of the atmosphere. She also studies the consequences of the predicted climatic changes to agriculture and forestry.

 Hanna Piotrowska
Professor of physical planning, specialist in the domain of communal waste management in the context of spatial development plans. Author of over 100 publications. member of the Section of Sanitary Engineering of the Committee of Civil Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

 Kazimierz Rykowski
Professor of Forestry, specialist in the domain of phytopathology of forests, fungal diseases of trees and biological methods of forest protection. Studies the pathology of forest ecosystems in conditions of men's activity pression. The head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection and scientific director of the Forest Research Institute. Co-chairman of the European Forestry Commission of FAO, deputy head of the working group IUFRO "Forest Pathology", member of the scientific committee of the foundation BULL in the ARBOR programme.

 Lech Ryszkowski
Professor of agroecology and protection of agricultural environment, director of hte Department of Studies of Agricultural and Forest Environment of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of commmission for rural areas, environmental and landscape protection of the Council of Europe. Author of over 170 publications.

 Jerzy Sadowski
Professor of environmental engineering, specialist in the field of building, urban and interior acoustics, protection from noise. Designer of special acoustics of buildings and author of acoustic plans of many regions of Poland. Member of numerous scientific societies.

 Maciej Sadowski
Director of the Centre of Climate Protection at the Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw. Professor of climatology, specialist in the domain of climatic changes and their consequenses to economic, social and political life. Author of several dozen scientific works. Member of the Bureau of the Negotiating Committee of the Convention on Climatic Changes.

 Andrzej Walewski
Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection. Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry, the Chairman of Advisory board of GRID-Warsaw. Biologist, sanitary and hydrological engineer, the creator of the State Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Poland. The coordindinator of the National System of Environmental Monitoring.

 Rajmund J. Wisniewski
Specialist in the domain of limnology, circulation of trophic substances in lake ecosystems and lake eutrophication, employed in the Department of Hydrology of the Institute of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of about 50 scientific publications adn expert opinions on the protection of water ecosystems.

 Tadeusz Witek
Late professor of soil science, he was head of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection in the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Pulawy. Author of the idea of agriculture-soil maps and systems of synthetic estimation of natural conditions of agriculture of macro-and micro-regions. Died on April 25, 1993.