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NanoVenture: The Nanotechnology Board Game

NanoVenture: The Nanotechnology Board Game explores the connections between science, specifically nanotechnology, and society. In this game, players become leaders of a new country. The leaders are challenged to make decisions regarding their country's use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for industrial expansion, military applications, economic security and basic scientific research, while maintaining a high approval rating from the citizens of the country.These decisions require players to carefully analyze the interplay of technological advances, regulations, public perception and risk, while also learning about the emerging field of nanotechnology.

It is best to play NanoVenture with four to five players. However, teams can be used if there are more than six players.

Each game includes:

  • Game Board (1)
  • Game Rules (1)
  • Glossary of Terms (1)
  • Player Tokens (6)
  • Dice (2)
  • Population Chips (30)
  • Yellow $5 Million Chips (200)
  • Blue $1 Million Money Chips (150)
  • Budget Management Cards (6)
  • Decision Cards (15)
  • Development Cards (18)

Inside the NanoVenture game box   NanoVenture game pieces

Additional Materials for Download

NanoVenture: the Nanotechnology Board Game is ideal for use in high school and undergraduate classrooms.


To order NanoVenture: the Nanotechnology Board Game, please contact the IEG Kits Assistant at ieg_kits@cae.wisc.edu.