HP's New High-flux-output TS AlInGaP Emitters Offer Industry's Best Value Point in LED Light Output

Robust Packaging Meets Needs of Automotive and Outdoor Applications

Palo Alto, California. Sept. 30, 1997

Hewlett-Packard Company today introduced a series of high-light-output AlInGaP (aluminum indium gallium phosphide) LED emitters in a package that helps lighting designers reduce the number of LEDs needed to provide a given amount of illumination and to ensure more uniform illumination. The package was developed especially for meeting the rigorous reliability requirements for transportation, vehicle exterior lighting, outdoor signals and illuminated signs. These LEDs also represent one of the best light-output values of any LED in the industry.

These LEDs are available in red-orange (621nm nominal dominant wavelength) and amber (594nm nominal dominant wavelength), meeting the automotive color requirements of the U.S. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and Japan Industrial Standards (JIS). They also are available with wide (approximately 90 degree) and medium (approximately 50 degree) viewing angles. These LEDs will meet automotive-performance-degradation standards, with lifetimes of 5,000 hours at 70mA operating current. At lower currents of up to 40mA, current studies predict a lifetime of approximately 100,000 hours.

HP's low-profile super flux LED package, which features precise optical alignment, is easy to couple to reflectors or lenses to distribute light efficiently and to provide a variety of illumination effects. In addition to a highly efficient optical design, the package features low thermal resistance between the LED chip and the leads, allowing operating current levels of up to 70mA and providing total typical luminous-flux outputs of 1,500 millilumens for red-orange AS AlInGaP and 3,000 millilumens for red-orange TS AlInGaP.

These LEDs are specified for operation over the -40 degree C to +100 degree C temperature range.

Part No. Color/Material Total Flux,
@ 70mA,
Total Included
Degrees, typical
HPWA-MH00 AS AlInGaP red-orange 1,500 95
HPWA-DH00 AS AlInGaP red-orange 1,500 75
HPWA-ML00 AS AlInGaP amber 1,500 95
HPWA-DL00 AS AlInGaP amber 1,500 75
HPWT-MH00 TS AlInGaP red-orange 3,000 100
HPWT-DH00 TS AlInGaP red-orange 3,000 70
HPWT-ML00 AS AlInGaP amber 3,000 100
HPWT-DL00 AS AlInGaP amber 3,000 70

  1. Total luminous-flux output as measured with an integrating sphere after the device has stabilized. See data sheet for details.
  2. Off-axis angle from the optical centerline, where the luminous intensity is 90 percent of the on-axis value.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

These LEDs are available from stock, with pricing of 32 cents for AS AlInGaP versions and 46 cents for TS AlInGaP versions in 100,000-piece quantities. They are supplied in tubes for use with automatic pick-and-place manufacturing systems.

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